Western Legends fair in Kanab, Utah, August 26-29, 2015

First, there was the misleading application for us vendors “Only true western arts & crafts will be accepted, unless otherwise approved”.  Here is the true story.  First,  they accepted western arts applications until they stopped coming in – about 60% of the spaces – then swap meet junk was accepted to fill in remaining spaces.  When I asked about this, the manager said “unless otherwise approved” meant swap meet junk.

No tour buses showed up.  The only buses came in from Colorado City with school kids on board.  Not a great group for making high end sales to.

Mr. Knife Guy: At most of the southern Utah art and craft fairs Mr. Knife Guy shows up with his load of MADE IN CHINA knives.  This is a major distraction because he attracts hoards of 8-12 year old boys that beg their parents for a wicked looking fighting knife.  Also slackers, older red neck boys, 18-25 year old skateboarders, trick bikers, scruffy motorcycle guys, etc.

One booth was selling very realistic soft pellet pistols to kids which shot up the place.  “China” paper fans, “China” stuffed animals.  An outfit selling women’s dresses, hundreds on wheeled racks like you see at freeway outlet malls (“India”).