My Labor Day Trip to Southeast Utah

Goal of trip – see beautiful Utah vistas – Capitol Reef N.P. & Natural Bridges N.M.  The road from Hanksville to Blanding – O.M.G. ! Especially White Canyon.  Quite striking.  We visited native habitation sites; very educational.  Learned about building methods, things used as tools, food, clothing, etc.  The museum at Edge of Cedars State Park in Blanding – very good.  Also the second cleanest and best maintained restroom I saw on the entire trip.  We stayed Saturday night at the Skyridge B & B in Torrey, Utah; the best of everything.  The king bed was so big that a) it had its own zip code, and b) was both in Wayne and Garfield counties.  It had almost 360 degree views of Torrey and Capitol Reef in our Sagebrush room.  The hot tub was located on a covered balcony just outside our second floor bedroom.  We decided to go to dinner and to return after dark to take a dip in the hot tub.  Right in the middle of getting into the tub I saw the sign that said no hot tub whirlpool after 10:00 – what the heck?  Too late besides by then the tub had a naked lady in it.  Geronimo! I tried juniper berries; not bad.  Nutty with pine aftertaste.

Natural Bridges.  Located in White Canyon about 40 miles west of Blanding.  White Canyon runs west from near Blanding to the Colorado River at Hite.  The river cut down about 500 feet of red sandstone to a layer of white sandstone that is more than 1000 feet thick.  For some time the river then meandered across a relatively flat plain, developing a bed that resembled a snake’s trail.  Look at the map of White Canyon.  Eventually the river tried to straighten out some of the meanders and cut through, leaving a loop out of the stream and created a bridge.

on the Chimney Rock trail

on the Chimney Rock trail


Joel & Jacob’s Chair


Joel holding up dead juniper


Joel & Chimney Rock


Joel & dramatic colors at Capitol Reef

Twin geodes from Dugway, Utah

Twin geodes from Dugway, Utah; $25


geode fragment from Dugway, Utah;$15


geode fragment from Dugway; $15


Joel at Sipapu Bridge, Natural Bridges N.M.