Report on the Sevier County Rock & Gem Show, Sept.19, 2015

Oh boy!  Where to start?  The advertising promised a great show.  We got the details off the SURC Facebook, which only supplied the address.  We came down Main Street northbound to 200 South.  Turned left toward 800 West (the street of the show) and came to a deadened at 725 West in an industrial park.  We searched for 1/2 hour without success.  Asked at the National Guard Armory on 200 South and the desk sergeant told us that the show was on the campus of Snow College.  We followed a meandering access road for an additional mile (no signs directing us) and found a parking lot with about 20 cars in it; got out and asked a couple of adults coming out if it was indeed the rock show.  Yes, it was (still no signs).

Went into this big arena and found down at one end about 8-10 vendors.  I said, “Boy, I bet the vendors are really pissed off.”  You bet!  Each vendor very disappointed (hand written sale signs).  Good stuff on sale.  We bought some turquoise, bid on silent auctions, had a good time talking to vendors, except for the food vendor.  He couldn’t have cared less about selling food, and acted irritated when my wife had the audacity to ask him something.

Had fun with a 12 year old selling rocks, some of them self collected.  He had a good knowledge of rocks and gems.  Possibly equal to some of the pros selling at most shows.  Quite a bit of minerals for sale; not my number one interest.  Easy for the vendor – just go to the Tucson shows, buy boxes of minerals in neat little compartments, take the lids off, and lay them out on the tables.  I really liked the dealers that were hands on.  Self collected and polished petrified wood.  Wow!  Slabs, cabs, copralite, rough rock, etc.

I did not see at any time more than 20 or so buyers at the show, half of them children.  At no time online did the promoter mention that the show was at Snow College.