Monday, Oct. 5, 2015

My birthday was Oct. 4.  We decided to celebrate the event by going down to Laughlin, Nevada for 2 nights and 3 days.  Sunday, Oct. 4 my wife presented me with a surprise breakfast.  (She worked the last few weeks making pies and freezing them to sell at the church rummage & bake sale.  Also made lunch for about 30 folks working to set up and run the sale.)  For breakfast she presented me with a blueberry upside down cake on a glass stand on a rotating music box base which played “Happy Birthday”.  (Got them from the rummage sale).  Real nice.  I told her I felt pretty good for a guy with one foot in the grave up to his ankle and the other foot on a banana peel.

Sunday night we ate at the hotel steak house (Tropicana Express).  This became a problem for me of course because I’m a vegan.  I decided to just have soup and salad.  Soup was French onion; I gave Cat the cheese off the top, at least most of it.  The salad was called the steak house tower salad.  The key word here is tower. The description was lettuce, avocado, bleu cheese, and bacon.  I thought that I could give Cat the bacon and bleu cheese sprinkles off the top – wrong!  It had about a pound of chopped bacon and almost the same amount of bleu cheese.  Along with the above they brought us the bread plate; 5 or 6 different breads along with 3 cheese and butter flavors.  Yummy – we ate it all.  After dinner Cat told me that since I had not eaten hardly any animal protein for the last 3 years that this meal could kill me or at least make me sick.  I told her if symptoms presented themselves to get me to the vegan doctor stat.  The only remedy for this is an extract of kale given I.V.  This almost always works.

I awakened Monday morning OK with just a small amount of stomach distress.  We went out and did some sight seeing and hiking.  Also shopping at the Bullhead City Safeway.  They give great discounts on wine & liquor if you buy 6 bottles so we were able to stock up.  Went down to the pool area in the evening and spent 2 hours in and out of the big hot jetted pool with an interesting group of football fans and classic low rider fans.  Later had dinner at the Italian cafe.  I had the bottomless pasta bowl, soup, and salad.  (Over ate and over drank the wine)  Tuesday morning felt OK.

Observations – the gift shop had “Indian made” jewelry.  Nuggets of unknown tumbled stones; bright blue, neon yellow, bright orange and sparkling red.  Certainly not turquoise, yellow turquoise, spiny oyster, and red coral.  Certainly not a real turquoise bracelet for $20.  Could those Indians possibly be Chinese Indians?  I suspect so.