Bertrandite, Oct. 24, 2015

  1.  What is it?
  2. What is Tiffany stone?
  3. What does beryllium ore look like?

My opinion of question 1: Bertrandite is whatever the rock that someone is

selling says it is; if it comes from the beryllium mine, it could be.  If it is purple, it could be.  If it has black crystals in the center and fluoresces green, it could be.  If it is cream colored with orange patches and looks like common opal it could be.  Beryllium oxide is a high temperature ceramic and can be used to improve the properties of some metal alloys.  Question 2 – “Tiffany stone” may be interchanged with bertrandite.  Question 3:  Beryllium ore looks like my description of question 1.  The only place in the world Tiffany stone is mined is one place in Utah.

Referring to Sept. 19 blog – one dealer at the show had a sphere of about 7 or 8 inches for sale at $1500; mostly cream, orange, red, purple, and black labeled “bertrandite”.  Nice!  I have recently bought a 25-30 lb. rock that has a conical shape, an opal-like feel and luster that is cream colored on the outside with red and orange patches.  The interior is dark purple or black with cream patches and orange and red patterns.  The man who sold it to me calls it beryllium.  I said, “Like in bertrandite?”  He said “yes”.  Pictures above.


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