Flyover vs. Bi-coastal Man

Definition of flyover man: Lives in most of the USA; the part that bi-coastal man flies over.

Definition of bi-coastal man: Lives in big cities on both U.S. coasts; NYC, Boston, Seattle, Portland, San Fran, L.A.

Flyover man gets 200 lb. pumpkin from farm stand.  Bi-coastal man gets pumpkin at Whole Foods (organic).

Flyover man cleans out insides with gas powered post hole digger.  Bi-coastal man cleans out insides with melon baller.

Flyover man cuts out face on pumpkin with Bowie knife.  Bi-coastal man cuts out face on pumpkin with those plastic tools that are “safe” to use.

Trick or treat goodies: Flyover man: skoal.  Bi-coastal man – organic veggies.

Flyover rocks pictured in this blog: Three purple Tiffany stones – left stone $100, middle $75, right $50.  Red/orange agate from the San Rafael Swell, $60.  St. George paisley shaped green moss agate, $125.

Tiffany Stones

Tiffany Stones


St. George Paisley shaped green moss agate, $125

San Rafael Swell Agate

San Rafael Swell Agate