Flyover Man vs. Bi-Coastal Man, Part 2

Blister Pearl Pendants, $50 each

Blister Pearl Pendants, $50 each

DSC00313Joke: Where does a cow go to buy clothing? Answer: Dress Barn

Flyover man knows what kind of oil goes into his truck, OHV, and snow blower.  Bi-coastal man knows what kind of oil goes into his endive salad.

Flyover man has a good pocket knife to skin & gut a deer, cut kindling, whittle, gut an intruder messing with his stuff.  Bi-coastal man has a good nail clipper and file to neaten up his mani.

Flyover man (FM) uses a razor to groom his facial hair.  Bi-coastal man (BCM) uses hot wax to remove hair from most of his body (speedo).

FM knows his way around slot canyons. BCM knows his way around city canyons.

FM knows how to survive in the wilderness, find food & water, & cook in the outdoors.  BCM knows how to survive in the city,make reservations, scope out the trendy bars, use personal shoppers.

FM finds dates at weddings, funerals, and family reunions.  BCM finds dates on the internet.

FM buys Duck Dynasty p.j.’s at WalMart for 6 bucks.  BCM buys smoking jacket and silk p.j.’s at Saks 5th Ave. for $500.

Notes about the rock show Nov. 6 & 7 at the Washington County fairgrounds, Utah: Easy to find road signs directed customers to the fairgrounds from the I-15 highway and a good sign at the parking lot led customers to the door.  Some of the same dealers as the show at Snow College and some new ones.  My favorite was a dealer that had been working to support the miners digging the Mexican crazy lace agate.  He had an impressive supply of the old time red & yellow crazy lace.

I got to fish out several small slabs from a 10 gallon container of water.  Nice cab sized pieces.  The dealer had a stack of large sea shells that had been seeded to make blister pearls.  They were from Tahiti.  I bought several and finished them up.  They turned out real good.  Pictures to follow.


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