Adventures of a Vegan, 12/14/15

After my experience on my birthday (Oct. 4), going “off the reservation” eating bacon, cheese, butter, and more cheese, my system went on the fritz for about 2 weeks.  Now I am back with the program.  Feeling good. Lots of snow in Cedar City, Utah; may stop 12/15 PM.  Lost work time getting inventory ready for January sales in Quartzite, Arizona, Desert Gardens.  Lots of rare rock jewelry.

Sometimes my mind is in a different place than my body.  The other day at breakfast I accidentally invented a new dish.

Regular Breakfast

  1. Tangy Tangerine drink
  2. Osteo Fx drink
  3. Vitamin D capsule
  4. Super Beta Prostate tablet
  5. Triple Action virility tablet
  6. 5-grain cereal from the health food store with added organic oats, nuts (sunflower, p-nut, soy, etc.), raisins or craisins, etc.
  7. coconut milk on cereal and in coffee
  8. O.J.

New Dish – I accidentally added the O.J. to my cereal instead of the coconut milk.  Not bad.

New Rock – last year I bought a slab at Quartzite.  It was snow white with black spider webbing; also some metallic specks and some brown spots.  I forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago.  It turned out real nice.  The folks at our rock club meeting, S.U.R.C., thought it was a good rock.  No I.D.  I’m calling it Siberian turquoise.  Ha ha!

Check out new pictures:

  1. Siberian turquoise – not from Siberia and not turquoise; teardrop, $75; round, $60
  2. real turquoise -robin’s egg blue, Kingman, $45; green – Royston, $40
  3. rhodochrosite (pink) – rare, Argentina, $45 each