Christmas Blog, 2015

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Freezing my butt off, shoveling snow, skidding on ice, watching sappy Christmas movies about dysfunctional family gatherings that solve everyone’s problems in the end.  Oh! And also the good stuff – going to Christmas Eve services, seeing decorated houses with sparkling lights, snuggling, visiting friends, good eats, watching football on t.v. ; even better if it is played in a blizzard.

Getting ready for my trip to Quartzsite to sell my rock jewelry at the Desert Gardens show.  Arizona has a complicated system to license vendors who sell in the state and become sales tax collectors for them.  Multi page forms to fill out both from the state and town. I believe joining the C.I.A. would be easier.  Example: AZ needed my social security number as I.D. and asked if I was native American and which reservation I lived on.  Quartzsite wanted my driver’s license # and license plate number and make and model of my car but would not accept Utah drivers’ licenses (or New Mexico or Washington) because of some screwed up law pertaining to Homeland Security or illegal aliens; had to send copy of my birth certificate.  Had to pay a fee to both state and city for the privilege of giving them 8% of my sales?

I had one of my great ideas the other day.  If you’re a husband and in a dry climate, your wife probably uses gallons of creams and lotions all over her body.  This activity sometimes brings in hubby to apply said potions on backs and hard to reach places.  Usually at times when hubby would rather be doing something else like eating Cheetos, reading the newspaper, watching Fox News, or out in the garage using power tools (polishing rocks).

This is it.  I saw on t.v. an ad for a device with along handle with a clip at the end that holds a pad of some some sort that can be used to clean hard to reach areas.  I think it is called a Clorox toilet wand.  It could be used to apply lotions on the back and other hard to reach areas.  You men with really hot wives or girlfriends please disregard the great idea of mine and go for it the manual way.

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cat and Joel.