January @ Quartzsite, Arizona

My big fat idea!  Spend January at Desert Gardens selling jewelry and rocks and making lots of money.  This is what went wrong:

1.) Problems with sales tax paperwork.  Both Arizona and Quartzsite required paying for a license and filling out paper work requiring lots of information, both different information.  Quartzsite even required my birth certificate (took me a week to find it).  After December 1st, Quartzsite does not mail or e-mail the paper work.  Must get it in person, found out on Dec. 24, office closed from Christmas to New Year’s.  Requiring me to start late, Jan. 4.

2) I discovered Desert Gardens is mostly a wholesale show.

3)  This was a low turnout season for Quartzsite.  Bad weather first week.  Canada had a meltdown of the Canadian dollar so fewer buyers from up north.  Several dealers told me that they were not returning next year.

Now the highlights.  Wow!  Lots of good rocks from all of this world and from outer space.  The Australians brought at least 100 tons of rock!  The dealer next to me had about 10 tons of dinosaur bone selling at about 100 dollars a pound.  What is that? $2 million?  I would have liked to have more cash to buy rocks but due to poor sales, had little to spend.  Bought some scraps of dino bone, some Sonora sunset, some blue lace agate that had crazy or botryoidal surfaces.


Sonora Sunrise, $45


Blue Lace Agate, $100


Botryoidal Blue Lace Agate, $55


Dinosaur Bone Pendant, $45


Botryoidal Blue Lace Agate Pendant in Sterling Silver, $60



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