Zion N.,P. & Cup Handle Arch, Feb. ’16

I hate 3 things: liars, decaf coffee, and skim milk.  Skim milk is just white water lying about being milk, decaf coffee is just brown water lying about being coffee.

I’m sorry it’s too easy to make fun of Bruce Jenner.  What’s up with Bruce Jenner and those Kardashians?  That bunch of retard celebrities can’t do any stupid thing for real that you could think up.  Kim gets married every year and has a kid each year.  Chloe and hubby fall in and out of love on a time schedule.

Hubby got bummed out about the latest breakup so that he went to Nevada and spent 100 grand on booze, hookers, & dope.  Ended up in a coma.  Now his wife is nursing him back to health.  Wow!

Now after I blogged about Bruce & Caitlin on Wheaties boxes I heard on redneck radio that some new year’s parade back east portrayed
Caitlin on a fruit loops box.  I’m wondering what is written on Caitlin’s driver’s license.  Circled “M” or circled “F”.  For God’ s sake pick only one. How about the donor card on the back.  What is Caitlin going to donate?  I would not make fun of those folks but they make fun of regular sane people.

Here’s a view of an arch unmarked in Zion Nat’l Park, so my wife and I named it Cup Handle Arch.  We parked the car in a parking area across from a view of it and took a trail down into the wash and went hiking up the wash to a place where a watercourse/ waterfall comes down from a butte.



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