March 12 – A Good Day

Word puzzle – what 4 letter word sounds the same when spoken with the last 3 letters removed?  Answer: queue.  What 3 letter words sound the same with the last 2 letters removed?  Answer:  bee, jay, kay, pea, tea.

A big day at Zion Artisans Jewelry School & Gallery, 545 N. Main Street, #6, Leeds, Utah  84746.  (435) 538-4ART.  Daniel has the outfit up and running.  What a place!  He and Renate have a unique place to buy rocks and gems plus observe artisans demonstrating their craft.  Saturday featured the grand opening of the BBQ restaurant, Papa Gus, next door.  Lots of people.  Daniel had artist demos; 2 glass bead makers, one of which was me.  The other one (the good looking one) was a nice lady who recently moved to the Leeds area, Leslie at Phantasma Glass.  Dan had his rock saw going and was showing what the inside of rocks look like.  Rick Conely was out front using the diamond grinders to cut out his famous carved stone horse heads.  A local artist (Diedre) was on hand demonstrating abstract painting.

Several members of S.U.R.C. (Southern Utah Rock Club) showed up to check out the setup.  Daniel has every lapidary and jewelry tool ever thought up.  I missed some parts of the action because I was working hot glass.  The restaurant ran out of food at 5:00 so I called it a day.

Saturday at the S.U.R.C. shop:  What do you call a fat skier?  The abdominal snowman.