Off to Moab Art Festival, May 27

DSC00521I’ll be off to Moab for the wine, beer, music, & art festival over Memorial Day weekend.  This is a big high end show with outstanding artists.  I did pretty well last year.  I should do better this time because my skill level is better and I have more high end items, including lot of turquoise set in sterling silver.  Also several turquoise items wire wrapped in sterling, quite a few Tiffany stone pendants in silver wire wrap, about 100 rock or dichroic glass earrings, and chrysoprase jewelry.  I also have rare gem jewelry made with eudyolite, sugilite, and satin flash opal.

If it does not rain or blow, it should be a good show.

Joke Time

A judge was in charge at a divorce hearing.  The husband wanted out of the marriage because his wife made bad coffee.  The judge ruled against the divorce because bad coffee is not grounds for divorce.



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