Rock Club Outing For Local Agate, May 26

Last week the rock club went on an outing to collect local agate.  I had been given instructions on the location of the agate beds but had never found them on my own.  This time I went with the group and we all went to the correct place.

After a couple of hours of collecting we all gathered by the trucks, loaded our rocks, and prepared to return to Cedar City.  I said “Oh, I see where I went wrong.  It was under the interstate via the storm drain, turn left, go 1/4 mile to the cattle guard gate.  Go east on the dirt road, across another cattle guard gate, then turn right onto a faint dirt path when you see a black cow.  Go 1/4 mile and park.”  When I told the group about how I found it this time, a lady asked me, “What if the black cow isn’t there?  Then you’re S.O.L.”