Dumpster Diving

You can find lots of neat stuff in dumpsters if you look in the right ones.  It helps if you can fix up broken stuff.  Household stuff can be collected in dumpsters located at large apartment complexes or college dorms – end of year!  Take-it-home-or-leave-it stuff.  Movin’-on-up stuff or leave-it stuff.

I was looking for some cardboard boxes awhile back and found a row of apartment dumpsters that had amazing stuff – children’s toys, clothes of all kinds, kitchen stuff, pots & pans, dishes, small appliances . Furniture!  I found a new-in-the-box Shark vacuum cleaner.  You know, a small hand operated thing.

I think that it was just after Christmas and the vacuum was not what the wife really wanted from hubby.

I brought the Shark home to Cat and said, “Here is something better to use on the stairs or inside of the car.”  She said “OK, now it is your job.”

The Shark works great, except when it is on for a long time it over heats and shuts off for awhile to cool down.  OK.  Joel shuts off too and cools down with a brewski or other cool drink.

Now that hot weather is here it is let’s take a trip time.  A few days ago we were getting ready for a road trip and I was going to use the Shark to vacuum out the car which was still dirty from our last trip.  It was hot, the car was closed up tight and really hot inside so the Shark shut off after about one minute.  We were in a hurry to get on the road.  I wanted the Shark to cool off quickly so I put it in the fridge.  I was upstairs packing my duffle bag when I heard some strange noise downstairs so I called out to Cat and asked her what she was doing.  She yelled up to me, “Your Shark is vacuuming up all of the stuff in the fridge.”  I forgot to unplug it.  Science experiments as well as edibles got sucked up.

A single woman I know was at a big party awhile back; lots of food, music, dancing, drinking, etc.  As the party was breaking up someone asked her if there were any of leftovers she wanted to take home.  She look around and said, “Yes, that nice looking young man in the living room; just put him in a doggie bag and I will take him home for later.”  Thirtysome years later he’s a real dog, all right.