June 5 – Marvelous Trip to Capitol Reef

Cat & I departed on Sunday, June 5, about 9:00 AM and drove to Torrey, Utah via interstate 15 north to hwy. 20 east to SR 89 north to 62 east and north to Koosharem east on Browns Lane to 24 south to Loa, Bicknell, & Torrey.  We made contact with my daughter, Jodie and her partner, Greg.

Greg has a 4 WD Jeep.  They followed us through the nat’l park to Notom Road south.  At this point it became a rock hounding trip.  Of course it was outside the park boundary.  A few miles south we investigated a rock hounding area.  At the fork in the road we scattered in all directions.  I searched and found squat for about 30 minutes.  Now in the meantime, Greg who is an avowed non rockhound, called out for Cat & me to come see what he found. On the other side of the road from where we were, he found a lot of good rock.  He found blue and white agate and Jodie in another area found the red, orange, and purple agate.  We picked up some promising specimens and then returned to Torrey and dinner and motel at the Capitol Reef Inn.


West of road fork


East of road fork, lonely juniper


Joel & Jodie’s agate pile