Upper Muley Twist & Strike Valley Overlook, Capitol Reef Nat’l Park, June 7

The last day of our trip.  First, a few words  about our stay at Capitol Reef Inn in Torrey, Utah.  Torrey is about as far as you could live from normal services that most of us take for granted like carpenters, electricians, plumbers and such.  Cat found that it was not acceptable to be unable to regulate and hold the shower temperature at a reasonable level; it fluctuated from ice to fire several times during her shower.  The beds were installed on wooden pedestals that had 1″ x 2″ strips along the base.  Each of the four of us stubbed our toes on them.  The electrical system was, shall we say, not to code.  Example: a new bathroom sink and cabinet had been installed but it was too tall to not cover up the electrical wall socket.  Instead of moving the outlet box 6 or 8 inches up the wall, they just installed the new sink and covered up the bottom of one of the outlets (with the switch plate still on top), then used massive amounts of caulking compound to fill the crack between the wall and the sink.  And it cut off electricity in the middle of a hair blow drying job.  The lamp in the bedroom was suspended from the ceiling and had its power cord dangling down.  It should have had a plug on its end and plugged into a wall outlet.  Instead a wire emerged from under the on/off switch by the door, was stapled to the wall and ended behind the curtains where it was connected via black vinyl electrical tape to the lamp cord.

The food at the restaurant was excellent however.  Cat says that we will not sleep there again but eat there often.

Our trip that day was south on the Notom Road to the Burr Trail, up the Burr Trail switchbacks to Upper Muley Twist trailhead.  Great views of the water pocket fold, a glimpse of Peekaboo Arch, and lots of uplifted and canted rock layers.  At the trailhead we ascended the 1/2 mile trail to the the Strike Valley Overlook.  A vertical drop off and view of water pocket fold for 15 or 20 miles each, north and south and about 50-100 miles east to the Henry and La Sal mountains.  Then a 4 mile round trip hike up the Muley Twist wash to view rock formations and somewhat elusive arches.  Two large arches, ending with Saddle Arch, and one or more small, depending on who you talked to.  After returning back on the Jeep, we detected a nice medium sized arch we overlooked on the way to the trail head.  Then it was up the lovely Burr Trail to dine at the Burr Trail Grill in Boulder.  Do not order the peach or cherry pie, unless you want the dirty trick of cayenne pepper in your dessert. ( That happened to Cat on a previous visit. ) Then back to Torrey via Boulder Mountain, arriving in time for a beautiful sunset.


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