Helper, Utah Music & Art Show Happenings Aug. 18, 19, 20, 2016

My plan was to get to Helper on Thursday afternoon, check out the town and camp out the night in a nearby Forest Service campground.  With a full load of show equipment I can’t sleep in the truck bed.   I will set up my air mattress on the picnic table, add my sleeping bag, and be OK.

Then I saw a poster that said “Bear area.  Do not feed or leave garbage outside for the bears to eat”.  Does this mean that if left outside I will become bear food?  I slept on a pile of show equipment inside the pickup bed.  Next day I set up for the show and sold my rock art all day Friday and Saturday, and until one o’clock Sunday.

Helper is an old railroad town set in the bottom of a narrow canyon with 2 railroad tracks, a major highway and the Price River all jammed in there together.  The town is a near ghost town and has been taken over as an artist colony.  That and the railroad museum that brings tour busses , some miners, and railroad employees keep the town running.  One large building contains a real boarding house with studio apartments at $175 per month.  That makes it a heck of a cheap place to live.  Yes, they still hook up helper engines to push freight trains over the mountains to the west.

My first impression of Helper was of a one horse town that the horse died of boredom last week.  I wold a quantity of my rock jewelry to make it worthwhile to do it next year.  The townspeople were all very friendly.

How do you tell the difference between being in the groove or in a rut?  I don’t know but it depends on your ability to get out of your rut or groove whenever you want to.  You all know that old story about when you play a country record backwards you get your dog back,  your job back, your wife back.  But how?

I will tell you.

  1. Gets out of jail – the dude that he hit on the head with the Jack bottle comes out of his coma and refuses to press charges.
  2. Gets his truck back – the repo man finds out that his wife and the deadbeat’s girlfriend are friends and he will catch hell if he doesn’t return the truck.
  3. Gets his dog back – the bitch that his dog ran away with got what she wanted and kicked him to the curb.
  4. Gets his wife back – OK, it’s 10 years later.  She has aged 20 years, put on 50 pounds, is an alcoholic, and has nowhere else to go.  But he’s got her, man.
  5. His boss is also his father-in-law and since his daughter has gone back to this helpless dude, he finds it is better to give him his old job back so he can support his daughter instead of having her move back home and mooch off him for the rest of his life.
booth at Helper Music, Art, & Wine Festival

booth at Helper Music, Art, & Wine Festival

jewelry & Dugway geode displays

jewelry & Dugway geode displays

necklaces & pendants

necklaces & pendants

pendant & crystal display

pendant, earring, & crystal display


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