Cottonwood, Arizona

Anyone that says moving is a pleasant experience is on some kind of drug.  It is a trauma akin to root canal + knee surgery, both without pain killers + divorce thrown in all at the same time + a major remodel job on top of that.

Our “new” house in Cottonwood is coming along well, still needs a lot of work, but shows signs of coming together.  Still lots of boxes left in the garage to unpack and nowhere to put stuff.  This area is expanding fast .  Almost every person we meet at Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Walmart, church, restaurants are from elsewhere and have been here a short time.  All are helpful, happy, and are glad to be here.

Cottonwood is still on the edge of a vast wilderness and is in a transitional mountain-desert zone.  We see birds and critters from both types of environment.  Birds, ground squirrels, chipmunks, coyotes, peccaries (javelinas).  In case you don’t know what javelinas are, you are not alone.  Even experts disagree.  Let’s just say they are like pigs but smaller and with lots of hair.  Kind of cute in an ugly sort of way.  Our place is located on a piece of land whose back yard is up against a javelina highway.  We see groups of them going along (some west bound, some east bound).  Can’t tell if it’s the same bunch.  The little ones are kind of cute.  I guess that they don’t have large litters like pigs do because in the groups that we see passing only one or two are little ones.  I heard that they are good eatin’.  Not!  If you readers have a tasty method of preparing peccary, send it to me.

Cottonwood Weather

Christmas morning , about 1/4″ of snow.  Some frost overnight at times.  Light rain some days.  Most days in the 40 to 60 degree range.  Not bad compared to Cedar City.

Home Upgrades

I have been installing extra shelving in the house and the garage since most houses in this modern era (last 50 years) have stud and drywall construction.  Why does hardware such as towel racks, shelving, cabinets not come in widths that match the 16″ spacing of studs?  Some items that you want to hang on a wall are expected to be able to support more weight than those plastic drywall plugs that come with this stuff.

Even with the 16″ spacing rule some home builders are more apt to not follow the rules.  That’s why a good stud finder is fun to have.  Sometimes mine works OK.  If the wall is smooth.  This house has textured walls. If the area being searched does not have electric wiring in the walls to give a false signal – our walls have wiring in them.  Our contractor uses the knock, knock method.  “Sounds like a stud right here.”

Super Bowl – Robert Craft owner of the Patriots:

Mr. Craft visited Russia several years ago – he had on his super bowl ring.  During his visit with Vlad Putin, Mr. Putin asked to try on this very special ring.  Craft handed over his ring, Putin put it on and showed  his staff the ring.  The meeting went on for some time and when it was over Putin walked off with the ring.

In this new era soon even the losers of the super bowl will get a ring.  Possible instead of 14k gold and diamonds like the winners get, the ring will be fool’s gold and cubic zirconia.


Cat, being a master gardener, has started to purge plants from the yard that do not belong in this habitat.  We drove down to Anthem and toured 2 cactus nurseries.  She bought some cacti that are native to this area; will plant them soon.  She put all the plants in the yard on notice that they are on their own.  No water from her.