Quartzsite, Arizona,Feb. 2017

My experiences and observations at the big rock show at Quartzsite, Arizona, Jan. 2017.

Our new house is only a pleasant 4 hour drive to Quartzsite.  However, I was forced to make a special side trip to Phoenix to obtain my Arizona sales tax permit for 2017.  I had sent my paperwork for renewal in November, waited for it until Dec. 10 – no mail.  Called and was on hold for 30 minutes to speak to a person vs. some computer at the license department.  The person said OK, will do ASAP.  Waited for snail mail.  No license.  Lots of time except no mail delivery – (2 holiday weekends + MLK holiday on Monday in January).  Needed to be in Quartzsite Tuesday.  Made the detour, located the tax officer.  Looked more like a fort or prison than an office building; the required metal detector & pocket search, etc. A short 5 minute wait and about 5 minutes for the nice clerk to print up a fresh license and I was on my way.

Next year I will go straight to the office and avoid the 2 months’ delay.  Of course the license came in the mail Tuesday after I was already in Quartzsite.  Oh, and the State can’t figure out which county Cottonwood is in,  Yavapai or Coconino.

The Pow Wow in town is one of about 3 or 4 big shows going on and about 2 or 3 hundred small locations in town where you can buy rocks.  The Pow Wow has 500 booths.  The weather was bad.  The people that winter over in the B.L.M campgrounds who are from Canada did not spend as they did in years past because the exchange rate sucks.


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